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The value of trees in a home

According to Michigan University, every home improvements worth even $1, mostly in landscaping, will yield 109 per cent in return. It shows that all green investments must increase the home values.

Trees around a house always increase the home values. According to Michigan University, trees increase the value of any property from 6 to 11 per cent. Trees also add beauty to the home’s compound, thus making it more attractive from far and near, and any buyer will wish for that. Tree values are the key.

Any home with very mature trees and bushes gives home privacy, thus making any buyer attracted to it and hence tends to fetch higher. According to horticulturist Charlie Nardozzi said that people buying are not only looking for trees; also, big trees is a key for their home to settle. He insisted that people not focus on renovating bathrooms and kitchens by focusing on the landscaping of the yards. Home improvements should be more on landscaping. By doing this, they will see the difference between breaking even in their home and making money in their home sale; thus, the home values get well catered.

Tree values to a home are to provide a cooling effect. It ensures the place is more relaxed and friendly to the people living in it. Moreover, in hot areas, the trees are like a hiding place from the hot sun that prevails in the area. According to research by the Department of Agriculture in the US, the cooling effect of a healthy tree is like the same as an air conditioner placed in ten sized rooms. The trees value help save the energy by 20-50 per cent used by the air conditioners, mostly in hotter areas.

Having trees in a home saves much on energy bills. According to Dr .E.Greg McPherson of the Center of Urban Forest Research, planting trees saves 3 % of the bills in 5 years. It also saves 12 % in 15 years.

Having trees in a home gives someone healthy air since they can absorb more carbon dioxide and provide enough oxygen. They ensure the dwellers do not have been in a polluted environment-saving their lives from air pollution effects.

Trees help in improving the quality of water and reducing runoff and soil erosion. They, therefore, maintain the landscaping of a home by maintaining with no erosion nor runoff.

According to where the market gets headed, most real estate companies like Phoenix Arizona Realtor and Arizona real estate will shift to the new demand. Trees are becoming a stimulus in economic development; thus, the development companies will be increasing the value of the land. Even tenants and buyers are looking for an area that is more conducive and beautified with trees. Trees are turning out as key to anyone selling or buying a home since it is becoming a requirement.