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Angelo Sbrocca is seasoned in Phoenix, Arizona area and has been a Phoenix resident for 50 plus years. With over 30 years experience buying and selling properties with extensive knowledge of the area. Angelo’s Grandfather was a home builder In the Phoenix area in the 50’s (Cudia City, Arcadia, Biltmore area and local schools). 

Angelo’s father was a Developer and custom home builder in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He built and developed some of the finest homes and projects in the Valley. He developed San Angelo Square on 36 street and Indian School and turned it into what it is today. He was the first developer to do a Condo conversion in Boulder, Colorado in the 70’s. 

Angelo started working on one of his fathers developments and customer homes when he was 13 learning all the in’s and out’s of real estate. Angelo currently own’s 2 Airbnb’s in Central Phoenix, 2 rental homes and his place. Angelo is Your Go-To Guy when it comes to buying or selling or renting.


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