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Why Home Sellers and Buyers Need A Realtor in Phoenix, AZ?

In the real estate industry, buyers and sellers are on the opposite sides of the fence, yet they have the same goal – to make the sale happen. But both the sides diametrically oppose each other’s sentiments. Buyers usually want to steal the property at a lower rate, whereas sellers want to sell at a higher rate. Yes, you can say that it is all about the money, but in the end, both want the same thing – THE SALE!

So the question is, how do they agree on the terms, or the question is who sets the terms? Well, this where the real estate agents Phoenix come in and take over to build a mutual understanding between the two parties. Here are a few reasons which suggest why hiring Angelo Sbrocca as your realtor Phoenix will help you with the sale or purchase of a property;

  • Save or make additional money
  • Protection against real estate scam
  • Help secure better deals
  • Get through the lengthy paperwork hassle-free
  • Find you your dream home or help sell one to buy your dream home

Even with the outbreak of the Covid-19, the real estate market in Phoenix, AZ, is blazing hot! Over the years, the market has become quite competitive, with prices increasing every year at a phenomenal rate, especially in the last couple of months where we have noticed an increase of 19.3% since last year.

On average, a home in Phoenix gets three offers and is approximately sold in 31 days. Angelo Sbrocca can help you get more offers and have it sold at more than the asking price with a bidding war. Furthermore, in case you are a buyer, Angelo Sbrocca can help soften the layer and get you your dream house within your budget range. So contact us now and have us handle your real estate deals!