You are currently viewing Fix and Flip home shows are all over the TV

Fix and Flip home shows are all over the TV

Fix and Flip home shows are great and fun to watch not to mention how much you can learn.
Most TV home remodel shows have the process from the start to finish dealing with all the
workers and even the selling process and let me tell you that can be the best part and most
challenging at times. I experienced it a few years back before I got my estate license. I tried the
for sale by owner route because over the past 30 years I’ve had lots of success selling on my
own and because the Arizona real estate market was so hot. But I’ll save the “For sale by
owner” experience for another blog, soon.

How realtors tried to get my listing when it was a FISBO (for sale by owner)

After all the extensive remodel that was done to the house (we did a lot ourselves) and I will
share more on that in another blog. The house was beautiful and done and it offered more than
other homes in the area. (I’m not just puffing). It’s a real estate term that is allowed if use
properly. The house was a 4 bedroom and 2 bath home with no add-on. Very functional in these
day and age. It had a pool, 2 car garage located in a Cul de sac. Well, that should have been
my first clue that doing a For sale by owner might be different this time because there was no
drive by traffic at all. I personally held open houses for 2 months and listed the home on Zillow,
Redfin ect and even sent out Postcards to the neighborhood letting them know in case they had
a friend or relative who wanted to move close by. I had “Home for Sale” signs “Open House
signs with arrows” that I bought used on Offer Up and I could not drive much traffic to the house.

Realtors called from my free listings on Redfin and Zillow

This is where it got fun and interesting. Remember at the time of my last fix and flip I was not a
license Realtor. That’s very important because as a license Realtor the law says you must let
everyone know that when making offers on homes or selling one. Having a Real Estate now can
be a benefit to me selling my own homes I own in the future or not. future blog.

Realtors are not suppose to cold call FISBO

The rules are pretty clear on this. As a Real Estate agent your not allowed to solicit someone
selling their home on their own to try obtaining a listing but that doesn’t stop lots of them. They
call and tell you they saw your home for sale on a site or maybe even driving by and seeing the
For Sale sign. A real estate agent may call you when they have an interested buyer. Let’s just
say I had lots of calls from Realtors saying they had an interested buyer.
No Real Estate agent ever showed with their interested buyer

I knew this move from my years of experience in the Real Estate business so it never really
bothered me. I would field every call 7 days a week no matter what time of day and always be
polite and talk to the real estate agent and even see what I could learn. And don’t get me wrong
I appreciate anyone that is out there hustling and trying honest-upfront moves to get in front of a
potential client or customer. It’s not my way of doing business but I respect the hustle. Growing
my real estate business Organically by helping others is what I’m about.

How I made my real estate agent choice

As a license realtor there are lots of ways to work hard on trying to find buyers and get listings.
You will be hearing me mention this phrase a lot in my blogs “I gave my listing to, my friend, my
sister, my cousin and so many more”. I want to earn my listings and use my hard work and real
estate experience to help others find the homes or their dreams and sell. Nobody should be
giving anything. It’s work and we should be “Earning it”.

But I’m guilty “I Gave my listing” to a real estate friend who lived close by
Everyone knows at least one or 2 people who has a Real Estate license most likely way more
so who do you pick. My thinking at the time was I wanted someone that knew the area and lived
close by to show the house and someone I could work with because I was happy to run over
anytime and help out or show it or even do open houses and help them. It’s what I do. The
house happened to be near Metro Center on the North West side of town. Lucky for me or not I
knew a realtor friend that lived 3 blocks away. I even called him before I bought the house to
ask some general questions about the area and improvement values just to make sure my
thinking was correct about the area. He said he had to see it first. Another way real estate
agents try to get in front of you.

The conclusion- “I Gave my listing to him”

After meeting up with some really good realtors that I met along the way including my realtor I
decided to go with my initial thoughts of having a realtor who lived near and knew the area. (wait
for my blog about how many Realtor friends and family were upset with that decision) oh boy.
My realtor could discuss schools and shopping in the area better and all the amenities that goes
with a neighborhood better than any of my choices and like I said all were great. What I didn’t
expect from him was battle over the listing price. Nobody wants a real estate agent that just list
it for what ever you want just to get a listing. That’s not right. But I had done my home work and
I’m from here and own a rental home not too far away so I knew the area well even though I
didn’t live close. I saw what other homes were selling for and I went to open houses in the
neighborhood and I felt my home was worth the price I had come up with. My realtor friend said
he didn’t want to waste his time if I was going to list it for that, no joke.

After sometime I convinced him to list it for my price, it sold in 2 weeks.

Let me just say the house was beautiful. It has more than other homes in the same
neighborhood. Lot’s of homes in the area only had 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and no fireplace or
pool. Mine had both. Some love a pool and some don’t. Future blog. It was move-in-ready and
the difference in price in what I wanted to list it for was $7,000. He agreed to try my price for a
few weeks and said if it doesn’t sell I needed to lower it. I agreed and It sold in 2 weeks for a few
thousand more than even my price. Nice surprise for the realtor but not for me. I just happened
to have a better feel for things than he did this time I guess.

But the battle to give him the listing was memorable and I should add he never showed the home once and it had an average of 2
shows a day once on the MLS. Future blogs. I learned a lot from this experience and I hope to
share more with my blogs in the future. Happy Selling and buying everyone and it all works out
the way it’s suppose to. Stay safe and in there all.