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If you really don’t have to sell your real estate asset right now, please do not sell. As per my expert opinion, the real estate market in Phoenix, AZ, is not in good condition right now, you will sell high and pay high. That’s if you have a place to buy or move. Therefore, unless you cannot afford to live in your current accommodation and have already arranged the next residence, do not even think about selling because it will sell fast, but you won’t be getting the best price right now for your new place.

If you consider me, Angelo Sbrocca, your friend, then as one friend to another and not a typical real estate agent, I would sincerely advise you to hold off on all real estate selling at the moment. Right now, if you have sold your house and looking for another, it will become very difficult as the demand prices will be unreasonably high. Although if someone is facing a foreclosure or is under the mortgage, then you might get a good deal from them, which is rare and uncommon because even they will be getting top dollar for their house. This market is not like 2008-2012. It’s a whole different time.

Even experienced and good realtors are having a very difficult time these days in securing a deal on a home and get it under contract. The purchasing power of the market has reduced due to the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns in lots of industries and businesses but not the real estate market in Phoenix Arizona and surrounding cities. And from what I hear from realtors around the county they are dealing with the same issues. I will obviously earn something if you sell or buy, and those who know me also understand that I work hard for both sides. But because I genuinely care for you and want the best financial benefit for you as well, I would say “Do Not Sell!” – Stay put and wait if you can for this crazy real estate market wave to pass. Then you can sell all you want and buy, and I will be more than happy to help as well.

Most people would not write or tell you what I shared above. They have a financial interesting in themselves and paying their bills and we all understand that. I’m not independently wealthy but I’m lucky to own a business and some rental properties that are helping pay my bills. But because I’m Your go-To buy for all real estate needs I have to tell you the truth and share my opinion at times. I have no idea if the real estate market is going to continue to rise or if a crash or leveling off is coming. All I know is what my gut and years of experience tell me. I’m born and raised in Arizona and I have seen in happen 3 times in my 50 year career. The market comes down and nothing sells and the market goes up and everyone buys at the peak. Sit tight and let’s see. Follow me and I will share first hand signs of any changes I see happening. It could be as simple interest rates going up. Another pandemic (god hope not) or who knows. Let’s wait and see.

For me, your financial safety is more important than anything else. Call me now at 602 299 1743 or text and chat with me anytime because you have got a friend in me.